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The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side. (Hunter Thompson)

Books by Tom Rasely


 The Chord Chart Guitar Method

Finally, a guitar method that teaches guitar technique from the point of view of the guitar!

Sound revolutionary? It shouldn't, but it is.

Most guitar method books teach note reading, which can be useful if you are going to study classical music, become a full-time studio musician, or play jazz charts note-for-note; however, what most people want to do with the guitar is to learn some chords so they can play songs that they like, for their own enjoyment. "The Chord Chart Guitar Method" helps you do just that, and teach you some valuable music theory along the way.

  • an introduction to good technique & hand positions
  • large size chord charts and explanations of the 9 basic chords
  • a complete and simple explanation of barre chords
  • an introduction to finger picking
  • a larger library of chords, including augmented, diminished, 7ths and maj7, as well as sus4 and add9 chords
  • lots of photographs to help you accomplish your guitar goals
  • 15 songs that help you apply chords and techniques in a musical context, including the 12-bar blues
  • 48 pages of encouragement, with 8 additional pages of practical guitar-related music theory!

This is a book that will give you a theoretically correct view of the fingerboard through the use of chord charts, exercises, songs and illustrations, so you can be playing songs in...well, however much dedicated time you put into it. There are no magic tricks to learning to play the guitar; however, there are ways that are more direct than others. "The Chord Chart Guitar Method" is about as simple and direct an approach as you'll find.

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  Stuck in a Rut

Available as an eBook though Amazon (click on the image)

 Types and Uses of the Capo

This book is published by Mel Bay Publications Inc.
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