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The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side. (Hunter Thompson)

Tom's Complete Discography

This is a complete listing of all the recording projects that it's been my privilege to play on over the years. The ones on which I am the featured artist are designated by "TR". SBA is, of course, my long-time friend and playing partner Scott B. Adams.


Sail On- New Creations (1980)

And Angels Came Announcing- Kim Onori (1980)

Believe- TR (1981)

Cross in the Road- TR (1983)

He Is Here- The 4 of Us (1984)

Play Skillfully- TR (1985)

Ever Bless- Ray Repp (1985)

Something New- TR (1986)

Sing O Sing- The 4 of Us (1988)

Midnight Clear- Eutycus (1988)

Sunrise on the Point- Eutycus (1990)

Blue Canvas Sky- SBA (1990)

In the Window- Eutycus (1991)

Words Are Not Enough- TR (1994) *

Quiet Evening Sampler- OPR (1994)

Maybe Next Time- SBA (1994) *

Lakeside Christmas- TR/SBA (1995) *

Celtimorphosis- Celtimorphosis (1995) *

Acoustic Traditions- TR/SBA (1996) *

Christmas Traditions- TR/SBA (1996) *

Seasons of Life- TR/SBA (1997)

Passages- TR/SBA (1997) *

Celtic Traditions- Celtimorphosis (1997) *

Christmas in Ivory- TR/SBA (1997) *

Chenango County Pride- Charlie Resseguie (1997)

Horizons Sampler- OPR (1998)

An Olde World Christmas- TR/SBA (1998) *

Community Album- TR/SBA (1998)

December Evening [Live concert]- TR/SBA (1998) *

Wind Song Hill- Dave Raducha (1998)

Bag O Bones- Steve Golley (1998)

Moonlight Concert- TR (1999)

Adam's Fall- SBA (1999) *

Christopher the Christmas Tree (1999)

Pigeon Hill Suite- Ron Palmer (1999)

Heart Full of Country Songs- Resseguie/Rasely (2000)

Winds of Christmas- TR/SBA (2000) *

Dreams...Songs from the Woods- Roy Peters (2000)

Healing in His Wings- Laurie Petrisen (2001)

Holy Night- TR (2001)

County Routes & County Roots- TR (2001)

One to One- TR (2001)

Trophy of Grace- Nan Heckler (2002)

Meditations- originally produced for the Jireh Foundation, Honolulu HI (2002)

American Push- Dan Matlack (2003)

Coffee & Guitars Compilation- various artists, CoffeeHouseGuitars.com (2003)

Say Something Nice To Me- Mary Bentley (2003)

Leftovers- TR (2004)

Guitar Players of the Southern Tier (2004) various artists; available from Audio Classics.

Music of Our Fathers- TR/SBA/Others (2004)

Sweet Life- [single] Matt Pryor/Terry Potter (theme song for Relay for Life 2005)

Unto Us- TR/SBA (2005) *

Rise Up- Laurie Petrisen (2007)

Acoustic Intersection- TR/SBA (2007)*

Shifting Sands- TR (2008)

Halfway- TR (2008)

Songs from the Wilderness- Laurie Petresin (2009)

A Classical Mood- TR (2009)*

7 Pillars of Wisdom- TR (2009)

Mysteries- TR (2010)

Songs for a Life- Rick Elam (2010)

Journeys- TR/Douglas Rose (2010)

Country Roads…Beaten Paths- TR/SBA (2011)*

Back in the Window- TR (2011)

Holy Night- orchestral version (2011)*

God Bless the World- TR (2012)

Ancient and Unending- Fisher & Ronstadt (2012)

Soundtracks- TR (2013)

New Love Songs- TR (2013)

Heartland- TR (2013)

Simple Songs of Praise- TR (2013)

Soundtracks II- TR (2014)

And Now, For My Next Number- TR (2014)

Expressions of Love- TR/Douglas Rose (2014)

Soundtracks III- TR (2014)

Soundtracks IV (2015)

Bending Hearts- TR (2015)

Turn of the Maze- TR (2015)

Sings- Pat Fisher (2015)

Be Still My Soul- TR (2015)

Electric Outlet- TR (2015)

Soundtracks Six- TR (2016)

Matters of the Heart- TR/Douglas Rose (2016)

One Angel Sings TR (2016)

Tom's Street TR (2016)

Statement (2017)

Celebrate with Joy TR/Joe Connolly (2017)

Light Side Dark Side (2017)

Tie Dye (2017)

Reflect (2017)

Airs & Atmospheres (2018)

Voices (2018)

Thoughts and Prayers (single, 2018)

Slow Jazz on a Hot Day (2018)

Bitter and Sweet (2018)

Groovy (2018)

Children's Games (2018)

Commentary (2019)

Warm Days Cool Nights (2019)

Holy Ground (2019)

Nexus (2019)

Sweet Hour of Prayer (2019)


* These are available from OPR http://www.orchardbeat.com